Sold: Jaguar XJ 12 coupe

1975, brown, tan leather, vinyl roof and chrome side trim. In very good condition, showing 16.344 KM, I would say it has been round once but there is no proof for this. Electric windows, airconditioning, electric opening roof and lots of other options. This car even has a towing hook, as the last owner used it also to go to France with his classic caravan.

This illustrates the condition of the car: it is very well cared for and always maintained and repaired where neccessary. In recent years, this Jaguar was maintained by our workshop and lots of work have been done. This includes a new radiator, overhauled steering box, refill of the aircon, lots of suspension work, but also some rubbers and hoses.

This is an European car, new delivered to Switzerland and it came to the Netherlands in 1998. No rust and this has never been a bad car so it has all it’s original components. Except the wheels in the pictures, there is a set of wire wheels on which it was until recently.

  • Brand: Jaguar
  • Type: XJ 12 Coupé
  • Year: 1975
  • Km: 16.411
  • 0,00